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Photo Cake

Photo Cake: How To Make A Photo Cake That Will Impress Your Guests and Your Wedding Guests? It is easy. The bride or the groom who wishes to have a beautiful photo cake designed by a professional baker gives him or her a picture of their choice to be on the cake. The baker then makes the cake exactly as he did in his bakery, except for the top of this cake which he will decorate with an actual copy of the original picture. There are several different types of cakes that you can use when you are decorating your wedding cake. The very first step in the process is to pick the type of cake that you want. There are three types of cakes: the traditional cake, a fruitcake and a cupcake. If you are going to decorate the traditional style cake, you need to get hold of a plain white cake pan. You can either go in for a plain white cake, or you can choose one with white frosting on the inside. When you have decided on the style of your cake, you need to buy the appropriate decorations, for example you would not want to go for an upside down cake if you are going to use a cake server. These are just some of the decorations that you can use, but there are lots more varieties available. If you want to use a special photo for your cake, you can either choose it for yourself or have it printed on the cake. You can have the baker cut out a couple of different pictures and then place them on the cake. If you are having a very formal style of wedding, you might want to use an old photo of you. This will give your cake that elegant look. If you are having a casual wedding, it might not seem very appropriate to have an older photo printed on the cake, but then again, you can always ask your wedding photographer to take a picture of you in your wedding attire and have this printed on the cake. For the best results, you can ask your photographer to take the picture on a sunny day, because if it is a hot summer day, you can use the sun as the backdrop to make the image look even better.

Send Your Wedding Pictures Cake to Express Your Love

Online Photo Cake Delivery in India for any special occasion as well there is no such occasion when online cakes are neither required nor welcome. Send beautiful Picture Cake to celebrate your anniversary with a touch of elegance. So you may have wanted your dear ones with a personal message or even a simple phone call to express the love you feel towards them. Perhaps, this is the best way for you to say "I love you". This will surely be remembered by your dear ones and will bring a smile on their face as well as yours. There are many ways that can make such moment very memorable but sending photo cakes can really enhance your occasion. The best thing about photo cakes is that you can send them anytime you like without any constraint. You can also choose a date for sending and choose the most memorable one. It is also very easy to do it as you just have to enter some data like the name of the person, address, location etc. The website will help you in getting the suitable online photo cake delivery in India. You have to select from the various cakes and then you will be provided with a list of cakes. You can choose and order accordingly. This is the easiest way to send your wedding pictures with much care. For your wedding photos, it would be very beneficial if you send a cake of the same style as that of the wedding. A beautiful picture of you and your guests will be enjoyed by everyone who receives such lovely wedding photo cake. So, instead of ordering traditional cakes, choose an innovative one. It will surely please everyone. Send such cakes to all your friends and relatives to enjoy this special occasion with you.

How to Send Photo Cake Online

Send Photo Cake online for your special occasion and make it all more personal for your family if you're away. It doesn't only make an awe-inspiring moment but fills the room with a feeling of affection and love. Sending photo cakes online is the easiest way to send the most memorable and thoughtful gift ever. It's simple and quick to set up, and the result will be a perfect picture of your loved one on top of the icing on your cake. If you're the adventurous type, why not send photo edible flowers? Flowers are a great way to show someone that you care about them and can take care of their wishes, whether they are about weddings anniversaries or just for just expressing their feelings. Photo edible flower bouquets are available online at a reasonable price. You can even upload a picture of the bouquet and the message you want to convey through the flowers. It really is that simple. Photo cakes can also be sent through online social media. The best way to show your love through social media is by sending a photo of you and your loved one. Send a picture of the two of you standing on the shore or sitting next to a beautiful sunset on the beach. Send a photo of a beautiful sunset and the two of you lying in the grass, enjoying each other's presence. Make your choice of photo edible flower arrangement and add a photo of both of you together. Your friends will thank you for that effort in showing them how much you care.